Workshops lead participants through a series of exercises, techniques, and thought activities designed to maximize happiness and decrease stress, anxiety and risk-taking behaviors.

My teaching style is interactive and fun and provides science-based strategies that can be put to use immediately.


for educatORS

Learning is fun! I want people to feel happier and relaxed leaving my talks. I think the best way to learn anything is to do it. I teach a principle and then we practice it because when you feel the difference inside, the more likely you are to make it a happiness habit.

What inspires me the most about teaching happiness is the smiles, renewed energy and excitement that emerges and the willingness to implement what they learned in their daily lives.

Examples of Workshops/Training:

·      7 Ways to Feel Happier, Instantly

·      Unleash Your Inner Happy

·      Character Strengths – A Pathway to Power and Productivity

·      A Parent Guide to Happier Kids

·      Stress Less! Relieve Stress by Forming Happier Habits


Contact me to learn more about how I can help you and/or your school.




Examples of Workshops/Training:

·      7 Ways to Feel Happier, Instantly

·      Self-Care for Healthcare Providers

·      Unleash Your Inner Happy

·      Stress Less! Relieve Stress by Forming Happier Habits


Working in a corporate setting can be draining and exhausting.

Too much to do and not enough time to do it. Many demands from many different angles. A lot to manage and people expecting you to be constantly creative and interesting.

After participating in one of my presentations, I want people to feel deeply energized, happier, to do their best and to be successful, by putting happiness habits into practice in their personal and professional lives.


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“Pam is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. She really helped me learn how to begin to love myself and made me think.”

A.H. High School Student

“Pam, you are awesome and your energy can make anyone feel better.” 

John T., Middle School Teacher

“Thank you! This was the best presentation I have attended at any MASC Conference in my 8 years of advising and 15 years of teaching. You Rock!!”

Sarah Gaudet

“I really enjoyed your presentation! It was very informative and engaging. I can’t wait to apply what I learned to my life to be happier!”

L.I. High School Student

“I loved everything about this workshop. It was like you have been watching me! These were all concepts I have wanted to bring to my school and incorporate in every aspect of life.”

Nicole Piantes

Pam did an outstanding job as a guest speaker at the New England Student Leadership Conference. Over 200 student and adult leaders benefitted from her message of positivity and gratitude.  She put many smiles on many faces and facilitated an energetic and fun session for everyone.”

Peter Smith, MIAA Educational Athletics

"Our school felt the need to reconnect on the personal level with each other, our work, and ourselves. Pam provided the perfect spark for an explosion of relationship-building ideas, emphasizing the positive aspects of our daily responsibilities and sharing strategies that can be immediately implemented on both a professional and personal level. Pam was inspiring, thought-provoking, and fun, with a practicality that will serve us well throughout the school year."

Michael Rubin, Principal, Uxbridge High School


“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.” 
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart